High Performance Thinking Trilogy

Helping entrepreneurs and career professionals rewire their money, health and relationships. The Trilogy includes three 3-day workshops to integrate scientic tools and strategies to have a life you love.

Designed with You in Mind

 Aligned Mastery Life Vault
Mastery modules to empower all 7 areas of your life - self worth, mental, financial, career/business, health, social, and family. Dr. Trivedi and the coaches create a customized plan for you to get started in rewiring your psychology. As you evolve, Dr. Trivedi and the team customize your program based on your needs. 

 Welcome Kick Off Call
Start the program with the welcome kick off call to lay the foundation for your customized plan in the 12 month program based off your current AQ. After outlining your specific plan they'll share the best strategies to raise your AQ to have a life you love and share the multiple ways to reach out for support in the process.

 Bi-Weekly Group Mastery Calls
Every other week, you have group mastery calls with the coaches where we refresh where you are focusing on the topics you need most to move forward and address any challenges in your life.

 Weekly Q&A Calls
Once a week, we come together to get your questions answered (plus learn from the collective — getting the questions answered you didn’t know you needed to ask!). We know from experience some of the best a-ha’s come from other people’s questions.

Your AQ is reassessed every three months to ensure progress and your next customized plan is created to continue to increase your AQ to a life you love.

 The Delta Experience
Dr. Trivedi gives you an exclusive opportunity for one of the most impactful programs. This is ONLY for Aligned Masters. No exceptions. Because Delta is next level knowledge and strategies where Dr. Trivedi runs free with next level content to master your life. You received 2 Delta Experiences.

 Exclusive Facebook Community
Your every day connection to Dr. Trivedi, the coaches and API Team - and each other! This is where we share, support, champion, and celebrate a community of like-minded people who live, love and learn to master their life. It's a beautiful experience on a day to day basis to see the collective group of Masters grow together.

*All calls are recorded of course!

When you enroll in the Trilogy you get all 3 Events for 50% off.

Money Rewired ($3997) ($3,000 USD)
Money will be the first thing that dictates problems in life and this 2-day program will rewire your money consciousness and breakthrough the barriers.

Health Rewired ($3997) ($3,000 USD) 
Learn the tools and strategies to maximize energy and vitality to get your life moving and increase performance.

Relationship Rewired ($3997) ($3,000 USD) 
Be able to have the life you desire and do it with the ones you love the most. What’s the point of energy and money if you don’t have love?

TOTAL INVESTMENT is $750 USD/month for 11 months or $7,500 USD pay in full 

The Get RYL Trilogy Payment Options

To claim your seat for a payment plan, it’s just a $500 non-refundable deposit.

The payment plan is the $500 deposit, then $250 on August 8th, and then the first of 11 monthly payments of $750 begins on September 1st, 2021. *Must have the proper amount paid towards your account before attending each event, minimum of $2,500 per event.

The Pay in Full:

When you commit to yourself Dr. T rewards that commitment by saving you $1,500.

Rewire YOUR Life To Be A High Performance Thinker

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Non-refundable deposit

The Trilogy deposit is non-refundable. You have 18 months to attend the rewire events. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred.

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