Are You Ready for Success...?
December 9-12th, 2021
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This comprehensive 4-day workshop helps people rewire through the resentments of their past to create their road map for 2022. We use an arsenal of science with neurology, psychology, quantum physics, and more then simplify it to the application level for people to move on from their past, appreciate their present and create their aligned future. 
  • Thursday: Uncover your root experiences
  • ​​Friday: Rewire past guilt, shame, and resentment
  • Saturday: Create Aligned Goals you will achieve
  • Sunday: Design your Custom Road Map for Next Year
It's not just a seminar with me speaking 24/7, but a workshop where each person walks away with a manual that will hold their custom plan that is congruent to them. 
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
As my clients say, "Dr. Trivedi doesn't tell people how to think, he shows them why they think the way they do."  Then we're going to create a custom strategy for people to be truly aligned to who they are and where they are inspired to wake up each day to build a business.
Previous Creation Program attendees got results like...
  • ​Reaching their income goals in the first 3 months! (Doubling what they made the previous year).
  • ​Doubling their practice in 6 months.
  • Overcoming a root experience in minutes that was holding them back for decades (that thousands of dollars and years of therapy was never able to help with).
  • ​Getting a promotion they worked on for over 20 years.
  • Creating a foundation to better serve children and families in their community.
 Become inspired to build a business
 Create a customized strategy aligned to you
 Come open and ready to work on your future
To Your Aligned Success,
Dr. Alok Trivedi
P.S. : Act now and reserve your seat because seating is limited for this event. Watch the videos below to hear people's experiences from Creation.
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